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    Filter Portal with multiple values within a single field.



      Filter Portal with multiple values within a single field.


      This is probably a snap for someone out there especially since I am using FM11 Advanced.  I want to display salepeople in a portal that meet certain criteria of the customer's location and needs. I have a salesperson(employee) table and a lead (SRTraffic)table. The relationship is cartesian. I defined a filtering calculation that works as long as there is only one value in criteria field;

      Employees::Division Participaiton = SRTraffic::Division and Employees::JobType Participation = SRTraffic::Interested in and Employees::Service Area Zips = SRTraffic::Zip

      It will display the correct salesperson.

      The problem is, I need to list multiple zip codes that a given salesperson would service so I set up the "service area zips" as check box entry so it contains multiple values. As soon as this calculation encounters any thing other than one matching value, it doesn't work. I wish I could set up the calculation to validate "if "service area zips" CONTAINS "zip". Is there a way around this?? Phil?? Anyone. Anyone. Thanks in advance. -DJ