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    Filter Portals



      Filter Portals


      My main file is SURVEYS. A base table within that file is called SURVEYS. It is linked to an external data source (FMP file stored on local drive) called ORGS via unique ORG_ID. ORGS contains all customers. SURVEYS contains customer satisfaction surveys received from a subset of ORGS.

      I want to create a layout in SURVEYS based on ORGS to display all SURVEYS received from companies that have submitted one or more SURVEYS.

      I created a layout in SURVEYS to show records from ORGS and I added a portal showing related records from SURVEYS.

      How can I filter the found set to show only those that have submitted one or more SURVEYS?

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          Why is any filtering at all needed? If your layout is based on Surveys, there will be no record in surveys for a given org unless they have submitted one.

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            The layout is based on ORGS and the portal is showing selected info from SURVEYS.

            SURVEYS and ORGS are two separate FMP files on the same local drive. SURVEYS pulls info from ORGS as an external data source.

            I was hoping to create a layout in SURVEYS that showed a list of all SURVEYS received from either an ORG resulting from a custom find by ORG name or ORG_ID or all ORGS that had submitted one or more SURVEYS.


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              So why base the layout on Orgs? Why not base it on Surveys? By definition, the layout change alone limits you to being only able to access those Orgs that submitted at least one survey.