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    Filter Records



      Filter Records


           Is there a way to Filter records like you would do a portal filter?

           Our older solution used a portal, but it created user issues. So now when you go to a layout for a Student , records for all classes. I need to filter the list to just show a specific Subject (like History), Every class record states what Subject it is in.




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               Perform a find on your subject field. 

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                 I tried that, it is so slow compared to a global that changed the portal filter,



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                   It shouldn't be any slower and could well be faster.

                   You'll need to describe what you set up in more detail if you want to explore why performing a find is so slow.

                   Slow results from a find usually are due to specifiying criteria in an unstored or unindexed field. Specifying criteria in a field from a related table will also be slower, but not as dramatic a delay as when searching on a field that does not have an index.

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                     Here is the original portal filter calc. How would this be written for a perform script trigger step?


                     Tests::SYS_id_ratings_category = Students::SYS_category_id__g
                     Students::SYS_category_id__g = "RCAT1007"


                     Contains(Tests::display__c; Students::SYS_filter_display__g)

                     __g fields are globals



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                       "contains" would appear to be a custom function. Am I correct that it returns True if the text in the second parameter is contained by the text in the first?

                       What kind of fields are: SYS_id_ratings_category? Is it indexed?

                       Are you finding records in Tests or Students?

                       What is the relationship  specified for this filtered portal?

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                         Contains function is not mine and there are no notes.   If(PatternCount(s; ss) > 0; 1; 0)

                         The SYS_id_ratings_category fields are Text and Indexed

                         Searching for Tests of a Student


                         Student                                                                       Tests

                         SYS_Tests_set_current             =                               SYS_id_Tests_set

                         SYS_id                                       =                               SYS_ID_Student

                         SYS_k_actual                             =                               type


                         The set is a grouping of Test over a period od time. The time period is not a consistent length.





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                           What an unecessary custom function!

                           assuming that s is the first parameter and ss the second ( s = Tests::display__c; ss =Students::SYS_filter_display__g), you could just use Patterncount ( Tests::display__c; Students::SYS_filter_display__g ) and get exactly the same results!

                           How does this relationship match to a grouping "over a period of time"? I assume that SYS_Tests_set_current does that, but can imagine two different ways that might be done.

                           One Option that I can describe now is this scripted, two part query of the Tests table:

                           Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Tests; Using layout: "Tests" (Tests)]
                           Enter Find Mode []
                           If [Students::SYS_category_id__g  ≠ "RCAT1007"]
                              Set Field [tests::SYS_id_ratings_category ; Students::SYS_category_id__g ]
                           End If
                           Set Field [Tests::display__c; "*" & Students::SYS_filter_display__g & "*" ]
                           Set Error Capture [on]
                           Constrain Found Set []