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    Filter records displayed to a layout



      Filter records displayed to a layout


      I have a library table that consists different categories; electronic media, books, publications & guides

      I want to use a different layout for each category. Each category may share some common fields but also may have unique data as well and I want to avoid using one layout where there will be non populated fields and with by only displaying the populate fields of a record will make the layout less busy.


      Thanks much

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          Do you want to use Form view to display one record at a time or List View to display multiple records of the same category at one time?

          If using form view, you can set up the onRecordLoad trigger to perform a script that changes layouts with each change of records, selecting the correct layout for the corresponding category. You can use the book control or your own buttons to click through the records of your current found set and the layouts will automatically change to that specified for each category.

          If using List view, you'll need to set up something that performs a find or constrains the found set to only records of the same category and then switches to the appropriate layout.