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Filter records on a form layout

Question asked by RDWirr on Oct 27, 2010
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Filter records on a form layout


I have a single table employee data file that contains all the usual kind of data including the department each person works in. I have a form layout that displays each employee’s detailed data and also a list view layout that shows the list of employees. I need to restrict access to the records of employees depending on the department they are in and also whether they are currently employed or not. I have set up layouts (the form and the list) that show all employee records and the alternate layouts that show only the filtered records I think I can determine access to the unrestricted layouts and restricted ones via security privileges. My problem is filtering the records. I have a global field in the ‘Employee’ table for entering the filter criteria (a pilcrowed list of which departments are unrestricted). I have set up two TOs off the same ‘Employee’ table, let’s call them EmpMain and EmpFilter with a relationship that keys the global criteria field in the EmpMain to the ‘Department’ field in the EmpFilter TO. I have the unrestricted layout with the EmpMain as the underlying TO and the restricted layout with the EmpFilter TO. But I see all the same records in both layouts regardless of what I have in the criteria field. I know this is something very elementary but I have been playing with it for hours without getting it. My eventual goal is to use the same restricted layouts to show different data sets depending on which privilege group logs in but first things first. I also haven’t figured out the active employee one yet either but I think this will follow the same logic using a checkbox on each record and matching it to a global field and including this in the same relationship as the department filter. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance, RDW