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Filter records on a Layout without a Find?

Question asked by pinchvalve on Jun 11, 2014
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Filter records on a Layout without a Find?


     I have an Accounts table that includes three types of accounts:  Lead, Prospects and Customers.  I have a different layout for each type.  When you load the layout, a Find script runs to show only the applicable type of account.  This works well, except whenever you enter the layout it resets to the first record.  

     Users who are looking at one record want to navigate to another layout, then return and be on the same record they left.   Any thoughts on how to do this?  

     One solution is have a separate tables for Leads, Prospects and Customers, but that is more data and more repetition and when an account moves from Lead to Prospect, I have move the record and all related data from one table to another.  Ugh. But maybe that's just the way it's done?