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filter records, before/after problem

Question asked by AdamReed on Oct 4, 2011
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filter records, before/after problem


I am using a portal to display client expenses, would like to include only those "unpaid", but then mark some "paid" as I bill clients for them.  (I don't want to charge a client twice for the same expense.)

I've looked around and don't think I want to make the paid expenses inactive (I'd still like them to appear in a search, but be marked inactive).

In a nutshell I think I want to have: "Display this record on this layout, but when x occurs, don't display it on this layout again."  I am using these in a calculation of "total expenses" (being the total amount the client should be charged), so I'd like "paid" expenses not to appear in that total, too.

I do need the ability to search back through charged expenses, however, in case at some point in the future there's a question about a charge.

Does that make sense?

Is this just a portal filter?  Do I need a script?  Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.