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    filter results from Insert URL



      filter results from Insert URL


      Hello, experts,

      how to filter  sentence or some part of the sentence return from web


      for example

      i use the insert from URL and i return this result.


      "{"Title":"Terminator","Year":"2002","Rated":"N/A","Released":"14 Apr 2002","Runtime":"60 min","Genre":"Documentary, Biography, Crime","Director":"N/A","Writer":"N/A","Actors":"James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donna Smith, Christopher Heard","Plot":"This TV documentary focuses on the controlling nature of director James Cameron as he directed THE TERMINATOR.","Language":"English","Country":"USA","Awards":"N/A","Poster":"N/A","Metascore":"N/A","imdbRating":"8.2","imdbVotes":"18","imdbID":"tt0415312","Type":"episode","Response":"True"}"


      So what i want to do is filter and copy the year/language/Rating, Director data in to each fields. 

      I am thinking , it need to be filter the position of each  first then get the text until  next ",


      not sure which function should it use, any help  ?