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Filter Script

Question asked by DennisTyner on Dec 2, 2014
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Filter Script


My application is based on the Contact starter solution where I have changed the Contacts Table to one called Households and I have added two additional tables one called Individuals and one called events.

My issue is in the Individual List view where I want to select a filter value to show only records meeting the filter criteria.  The filter values are “All”, “Member”, “Former Member”, “Non-Member”, etc.  The only filter value that seems to work is the “Unknown” value.  The logic for this filter selection button is cloned from the “Household List” which has a similar filter button that is working correctly.  I attempted to insure all associated scripts where cloned with similar but distinct naming conventions from the Household List view to the Individual List view.

If you feel you have can assist me please respond to this post and I will email you my application.   

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.