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Filter value help... brain cramping*

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Aug 10, 2014
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Filter value help... brain cramping*


     I THOUGHT i was close on this one but I could b way off.  

     I have an equipment list table.  It is related to many line items.  If a line item is modified after the list is confirmed, I have a script that marks a the field    line item::Flag = "Flag".  

     I have a calculation field(equipment list::Flag) in the equipment list table that I want to return the word "Flag" if any of the related line items have the value "Flag" in the field line items::Flag.  


     Right now my calculation field is as follows but it does not return any text:

     equipment list::Flag = If(not IsEmpty(FilterValues (  Line Items::flag;"Flag" ));"Flag")