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Filter Value List based on Relationship - dumb question

Question asked by themactech. on Mar 16, 2015
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Filter Value List based on Relationship - dumb question


ok I'm having a serious brain fart here and can't null this out for some reason.

I have two FILES.. not just two tables.. but two files.

One file is called Jobs and consist of all the company's current and completed job numbers. Job numbers are divided up into Divisions (Departments if you will)

the other file is the Shipment Log. In the shipment log, when they create a new log entry they can pull from the Job Number list.. no big deal. Easy

But for the life of me I can't figure out create the relationship so that it only shows.. Job Numbers that are OPEN and in their Department.

I have the relationship like this

Shipment::fkJobID = JobNumbers::pkJobID
Shipment:filterStatus = Job Status
Shipment::filterDivision = Job Division

whereas filterStatus is a Calculation field simply "Open" and the filterDivision is a Calculation simply "Transportation".

Setting up the Value list using this relationship still brings in all the Job Numbers.

I've tried it every which way but loose and I'm probably doing something dumb. It is monday after all.