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Filter value list by value List

Question asked by PeterDowns on Jun 6, 2011
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Filter value list by value List



Have a portal that people can enter projects. In the layout of the portal I have 2 drop down boxes attached to 2 value lists.

What happens is the first ddbox picks an account, the 2nd ddbox picks a subset of those accounts. It works fine but shows all the subsets of all accounts. But I would like the 2nd ddbox to only pick the related account subset as chosen by the first ddbox.

The 1st ddbox comes from a table called Funding, the 2nd ddbox comes from a table called ChartofAccounts. They are related by a field called costCentreCode. The relationship is working well as I have another layout where the chartofAccounts is a portal on the funding layout and I can add, edit and delete accounts and subsets. So that is cool.

So I need to filter the 2nd dropdownbox someway. This is the process I am confused on, my data is right to go it's the steps of the process I have a problem with.

Thanks in advance