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    Filtered Check box on Export



      Filtered Check box on Export


      I have a solution with, say, 5 fields named Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Field 4, and Field 5.

      I have an additional field set as a checkbox with Box 1, Box 2, and Box 3.

      Is there a way to export the file so I get:

      Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Box 1, Field 4, Field 5, Box 3 (I don't need Box 2 in the export)?


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          The format is not the data. When you select a check box, you append the value of the check box to the end of a list of selected values stored in that field. Clear the check box and that value is deleted from the list. So if Box 1 is not selected, there is no data in the field corresponding with box 1.

          So I don't know what you want to see between fields 3 and 4 if box 1 was not selected.

          But you can set up calculation fields that return only the value of a given check box if it was returned:

          Let ( v = FilterValues ( checkboxField ; "Value" ) ;
                 Left ( v ; Length ( v ) - 1 )
                ) //

          I'm using Left to strip off the return character that FilterValues will append to the end of the value if the specified value has been selected in the check box field.

          You can then include this field in your export order to get an individual value exported.

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            Say record 1 has Socks, School, Dodge, Tea, Ham, Box 1 checked

            Record 2 has Shirt, Home, Chevy, Milk, Turkey, Box 1 and Box 3 checked

            On export I'd like to see:

            Socks, School, Dodge, Box 1, Tea, Ham
            Shirt, Home, Chevy, Box1, Milk, Turkey, Box 3

            Hope this explains it better. It would have been a lot simpler if the person that originally had set up the DB had made individual checkboxes.

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              Better yet, modify the design to use a set of related records with one related record for each selected check box.

              I can see that you want a specific left to right order for your selected values, but not what in your database specifies that order.

              I will guess that the order in which the value list values are specified in a custom value list is the order that you want to see on export.

              The following calculation will re-order the selected values to match the order in a custom value list:

              FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( get ( FileName ) ; "CheckBoxValueListNameInQuotesHere" ) ; CheckBoxFieldHere )

              You can even define this as an auto-enter calculation on the field like this to fix this for future records:

              FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( get ( FileName ) ; "CheckBoxValueListNameInQuotesHere" ) ; self )

              but be sure to clear the "do not replace existing values..." check box if you set that up.

              This still leaves the values separated by returns. If you need commas as shown in your post, you can put the above calculation inside a substitute function that replaces the returns with a comma-space pair of characters in a calculation field that you use for export purposes.