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    Filtered Portal ?



      Filtered Portal ?


           In summary I'm trying to populate a portal field 'Library of eXtra REads::PublicationTitle' using a drop down whose values would be filtered or conditioned upon the value of "Course::Course Name"

           Layout = Profile of Courses w/associated table "Profile of Courses"

           There is an layout field Profile of Courses::CourseName which is populated by a value list whose values come from 
           Profile of Courses::CourseName

           I have two tables that are conditional value tables "List of Courses Lessons Primary" & "List of Courses Lessons Secondary"

           Between these two tables are 5 fields 

           List of Courses Lessons Primary::PrimaryCourse
           List of Courses Lessons Primary::PrimaryLesson

           List of Courses Lessons Secondary::_fkExtraReadId
           List of Courses Lessons Secondary::SecondaryCourse
           List of Courses Lessons Secondary::SecondaryLesson

           List of Courses Lessons Primary::PrimaryCourse>>----<<List of Courses Lessons Secondary::SecondaryCourse
           Library of eXtraReads::_pkLibraryExtraReadsId>---<<List of Courses Lessons Secondary::_fkExtraReadId

           Layout Profile of Courses Portal shows related records from Library of eXtraReads

           Portal Library of eXtraReads fields

           Library of eXtraReads::PublicationTitle
           Library of eXtraReads::PublicationAuthor

           My objective is to filter(?) Library of eXtraReads::PublicationTitle to list only those Library of eXtraReads::PublicationTitle that match Profile of Courses::CourseName which should equal to entries in List of Courses Lessons Primary::PrimaryCourse

           I then like to auto populate Portal Library of eXtraReads::PublicationAuthor with the author associated with 
           Library of eXtraReads::PublicationTitle

           Sorry if to much detail or confusing trying my best to explain the objective