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Filtered portal based on layout table

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Mar 29, 2013
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Filtered portal based on layout table


     Based on the great suggestions and help I get here, I am getting very close to what I need.  

     I have a layout based on a Contacts tables.  There is a portal based on a copy of the contacts table with a relationship established.  I can single click on a contact in the portal and it appropriately displays the corresponding detail on the layout.  So far so good.

     Now if I perform a find for one of the checkboxes listed on the right hand side (see image) I get an approriate subset of records that I can browse through on the layout except I don't know how to make the portal display the filetered set of rows - it displays the complete list.  How do I make the copy table display the same filtered records that the layout does?

     thanks once again in advance,  Bill