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    Filtered portal calculations



      Filtered portal calculations


      I have a 2 filtered portals from different tables residing on another layout. (3 tables total).  Portal records are filtered  if approved = "Yes" (check box field) if approved the cost associated with that row is visible on both portals. i just need a field that sums only the filtered rows.

      So far all Im getting is a sum of every row regardless of approval...hmmm

      I have a feeling this one is an obvious

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          It's not obvious. You cannot access the total of just the filtered records in a calculation.

          You can use a one row portal with the same filter to show a summary field defined in the portal's table to show the total. And this total is "display only" if you then need to use that value in a calculation, you will not be able to do so. You'd need to use a relationship to the portal's table that does not require a portal filter due to building the filter logic into the match fields used in the relationship. (Or use ExecuteSQL to get this same total.)

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            ...Or if its "not approved" it just deletes the row... smiley