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Filtered portal, show only certain records

Question asked by aklobby on Dec 10, 2011
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Filtered portal, show only certain records


I have a layout that shows all of my records in list view. On that layout I have a filtered portal (only showing one row). I use the filter to find criteria relating to one client. Many clients have criteria relating to each issue on the portal but I only want to display the records on the layout relating to the one client. I can't seem to get this to happen. The filter works fine in that it finds the criteria per client, but I can't get a find to work to omit the records pertaining to the other clients. I have also tried to get this to work without a portal, just using the global field to find the client and show the criteria, but it still keeps the records that do not relate to the client in question. 

This layout does have fields frommmany other table occurrances. Perhaps I am trying to do too much on one layout. 

Any help here would be appreciated.