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Filtered Portals that update without Refresh Window

Question asked by philmodjunk on Dec 20, 2011
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Filtered Portals that update without Refresh Window


I've been sharing a demo file that illustrates auto-complete enabled drop down value lists that enter ID numbers and filtered search portals that update keystroke by keystroke.

The portals have had a key flaw that limited their usefulness as first pointed out to me by LaRetta: Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results] can greatly slow down system performance--especially with Go clients and WANs as it does far more than just refresh the current window. Unfortunately, I didn't know of a way around that limitation that still maintained the keystroke by keystroke responsiveness.

Just today, a post by Mark Gores generously shared a method that enables a filtered portal to update when a field referenced in the filter is modified without needing to use the Refresh/Flush. The method uses a cartesion self join separate from the portal relationship to force a the portal to update. Not only does this work, it eliminates the annoying window "flash" produced by the Refresh Window step.

I have now implemented his suggestion in the demo file and updated the shared copy.

Here's the link to the updated demo file for those who are interested: