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Filtered Portals vs New Relationships

Question asked by nihmbrisby on May 17, 2014
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Filtered Portals vs New Relationships



     I'm creating my first database.  I have a 'contacts' table.  I also have a table for: phone #'s, emails, addresses, and websites.  On the contacts layout, all of these 'data' tables are displayed in a layout based on contacts through portals where the user can create new records (#'s and address).  It's all very simple and works great for my needs.  My question is with regards to future performance.  I've done contacts, but I've got a bunch more entities to deal with, each of which will have it's own table and a bunch of 'data' tables.   Am I overusing relationships?  Should data like this all populate one 'data' table (which would then have address, #'s, websites) which are then displayed through filtered portals?  Will there be a big performance hit down the road if I use a separate relationship for each datatype?  (I anticipate no more than 20,000 records across all tables based on entities (though I'm also wondering about usage scenarios around 50,000 for a future project).