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Filtered portals, updating, hopefully missing something easy

Question asked by SteveMartino on Dec 9, 2013
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Filtered portals, updating, hopefully missing something easy


     Hello Forum (especially Phil).  I'm trying out a filtered portal.  It is set up with a new TO with the relationship containing global start date, and global end date.  Pretty standard, works fine.  Its a button on the portal, GTRR,click it, it opens to a basic reporting layout, and shows the correct details based on the global start and end dates.

     The problem:  If I try to change the dates, the report doesn't change to reflect this.  I tried Commit Records and Refresh window [flush cached join results] with no luck. 

     The only way it does work is if I close the report layout after changing the dates, and click the button.  Then the report opens back up and is filtered properly. 

     I hope this is a simple oversight for a beginner.

     Any help is always appreciated.



     FM PRO 12 ADV

     WINDOWS 7