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    Filtered Value List



      Filtered Value List


      I have an employee table.  I would like to create a value list that only showed employees that are current with the company.  I want to filter out terminated and resigned employees.  I want the value list to only show people who currently work for the company.  While it seems a conditional value would work, I don't want to have to select Full-time, then get the list.  I just want full-time employees from the value list...is this possible in FM 11?  If so, how do I do that?


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          You seem to be familiar with the concept of a conditional value list.  In most circumstances the user wants to choose the condition that the list is based on.  You don't - so just use the same principle of getting the value list through a relationship (usually based on the user's choice) but replace the 'user's choice field' with a permanent 'hard-coded' component in the relationship.  Like:

          Employees::ConstantFullTime = Employees::Status

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            Or you can not use a relationship at all.

            Define a calculation field that returns the value you want in your list only if the Employee is "full-time" and is empty otherwise. Then set up your value list to draw values from this field.

            Say you have a value list that lists EmployeeID as the primary field and EmployeeFullName as the secondary field.

            Then set up your value list to draw values from a calculation with this expression:

            If ( employeeStatus = "Full-Time" ; EmployeeID )

            Instead of from the EmployeeID field. You can still specify the EmployeeFullName field as teh secondary field.