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    Filtered Value List



      Filtered Value List


      I have a table of Journal Entry line items.  It contains the JV Number and the month end date.  I want to create a drop-down to capture the JVNumber in another table.  But I only want to see Journal Entries for the month not the history.  

      So I can tell if I have any items still needing a journal entry to accrue.  


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          But I only want to see Journal Entries for the month not the history.

          And what month would that be? Would you also need to specify the year so that you can look, for example, at records for April 2015 and omit those for April 2014?

          The simple, basic method for doing this is to add a calculation field that produces a match field that you can use in a relationship to match only to the records you want to see supplying values to your value list. Month ( MonthEndDate ) for example, would return a value from 1 to 12 for the month stored in that date field, but this would not allow you to limit this to a particular year.

          MonthendDate - Day(MonthEndDate) + 1, on the other hand calculates the date of the first day of the month for any date in a given month. This then could be used to match to only records for a given month AND year.

          I recommend that you look at the working examples of conditional value lists found in:

          "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - conditional value lists"

          There are 10 different methods for producing a conditional value list demonstrated in this file. Each comes with detailed documentation on how they work and how to set them up.

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            I have a date two date fields on the line items, one is always the first day of the current month.  That is the date that I want the drop-down to work off.  I create the Journal Entry first with all of the appropriate fields.  Now I want to be able to validate that the items to be processed, HAVE been processed as evidenced by a Batch Number, another field on the JE Table.  I just do not want to see batch numbers from the prior months of the year, which right now goes back to November.  The drop-down will get cumbersome.


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              Then what I am recommending will work for you using that field which has the date for the first day of the month.

              The file that you can download will have a number of possible ways that you can set up such a value list.