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Filtered value list

Question asked by RockSure on May 3, 2015
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Filtered value list



I have 10 tables that require a status for each record such as open, closed, pending, canceled, and more.
Each of the 10 tables have a status field being used as the foreign key, popup field and with a value list .
Each of the 10 tables may a combination of the same but not all status choices.

I am trying to create one “Status” table as a value list and filter that value list based on the table it being used by. This would allow me one layout for adding and editing status values for all 10 tables in one place.

I was approaching this from my “Status” table having
the following fields

primary keyStatus NameUsed by Table

Each of the 10 tables also have a calc field with the name of the table such as “TABLE1” set to text and  set as global storage thinking to use this as a match field to the Status::Used by Table field.

Kinda of lost after that. I have tried to use conditional  value list examples and have got them to work as exampled. I have the Adventure example database so generously supplied by PhilModJunk, thanks for that!

However I am not using the value of another drop down to conditional limit the choice of the 2nd drop down.  Additional I am using a PK to FK  as my understanding is that is best practice for most any related table.

Open to any other best practice or solutions.