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Filtered Value List - Showing Second Field in Reports

Question asked by DanielHewlette on Dec 3, 2014
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Filtered Value List - Showing Second Field in Reports


I've setup a simple CRM type system where I have a "Companies" table and an "Inventory" table. The Companies table has a field called "company type" to include things such as "customer," "vendor," "partner," etc.

I have a value list that successfully filters out all Company types except "vendor." Setup through a Companies TO (Inventory_Companies_Vendor) related to Inventory via a connection that only allows records through if a calculation field (in inventory) that always say "vendor" matches the CompanyType field in the Companies TO. The value list selects from this Inventory_Companies_Vendor TO the CompanyID in field one, CompanyName for field two. It only includes related values starting from Inventory, and only shows the second field value (CompanyName) in all the views (record, table, and list...even in "preview" mode for printing).

So far it works exactly as expected and I think it is setup as suggested.

Issue is when I export records or go to print a list view of Inventory, the Vendor Inventory field (CompanyName from the Vendor value list) always shows the CompanyID of the Vendor (field one of the value list) and not the CompanyName (field two of the value list) of the Vendor.

Whats the best way to carry the Vendor's CompanyName through to XLS exports?