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    filtered Value list in portal



      filtered Value list in portal




           Something I didn't think I would have any problems with... but still.. I'm trying to set up a purchase order system


           I have a product catalog but supliers

           I have a purchase order table

           a line purchase order table

           So, when I create a purchase order, I select the supplier. then I enter the items I want to order in a portal (line purchase order) but, in the portal line purchase order I would like to be able to select product from the product catalog. that also seem to work.

           The problem I have is to filter the value list related only to the supplier on the purchase order...I seem to have a problem as it is 2 tables away in the equation..

           Does that make sense?




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               It's hard to say since "two tables away" is a big vague.

               You appear to have these relaitonships:


               PurchaseOrders::__pkPurchaseOrderID = LineItems::_fkPurchaseOrderID
               Product::__pkProductID = LIneItems::_fkProductID
               Suppliers::__pkSupplierID = _fkSupplierID

               and as you have discovered that won't work for your conditional value list. But you can make new Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of Products and Suppliers and add them in to the above relationships to get a conditional value list:


               PurchaseOrders::_fkSupplierID = POSupplier::__pkSupplierID
               POSupplier::__pkSupplierID = POProducts::_fkSupplierID

               Then you can set up your value list to list products from POProducts, include only related values starting from PurchaseOrders.

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                 Thanks for being quick! You understood correctly! I've been trying hard in different ways (including yours) and it didn't work...Now it does...I must have done something wrong..

                 Thanks a lot once again!