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Filtered Value List?

Question asked by edmalloy_1 on Aug 8, 2012
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Filtered Value List?


Hi All,

I'd like to create a value list based on a field in a table, but I'd like to filter the list so that only records that have a specific value in a different field are included. 

For example, I have a Contacts table. Some contacts are supervisors (boolean True), some are not. Can I create a value list on the "Contact_Id" field where Supervisor = "True?"  

If not, is there a work-around? I really would like to have only one table with Contacts' information, but I guess I could create a Supervisor's table that links back to Contacts (that is, it referenced the contacts table). But if I do that, how do I show the Contact_Name as the second field? Can my second field be from the Contacts table?


thanks in advance.