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Filtering "parent" specific information from "child" record

Question asked by johnhorner on Dec 10, 2009
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Filtering "parent" specific information from "child" record


I have a contacts database with a table for "companies" and another table for "individuals".  i currenty have it set up so that a portal displays all the individuals related to a given company (as employees or members, for example).  one of the fields in the portal is for notes about the individual's role or relationship to this company or other relevant information.  this is also not a problem.  the problem is that, in some cases, an individual will be linked to more than one company so that if he is the "ceo" at his own company, he is merely a "member" at the local gym.  does anyone have a good method for setting it up so that the appropriate note will show up in the portal depending on whether i am looking at the record/portal for his own company vs the record/portal for the gym (e.g. in one case the note should read: "bob is the ceo", and in the other case it should read: "bob is a member who can bench 250lbs")?  any thoughs much appreciateed.  thanks.