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Filtering a drop down list

Question asked by millie on Mar 21, 2012
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Filtering a drop down list


Hi.  I am trying to filter a drop down list for an order confirmation database.  I have seen lots of posts relating to this but they seem to direct the users to format to a conditional value list which I am not sure is appropriate for this query (??).

We have a long list of names to choose from ref our order confirmations and it is not practical to have a drop down menu with all the names on to choose when entering.  I would like to format a field so that a name can be typed in and the list reduce accordingly...

For example, the user would like to automatically bring up the address information for a company called 'Smithland' where we have, for example, many branches of 'Smithland'.  So, when we press 'S' then all the companies starting with 'S' would show.  Then by pressing 'S-M-I-T......' etc would reduce the list to just Smithland options.

Is this possible?  I am not sure of the terminology so would appreciate a pointer in the right direction as I am sure this must be possible with Filemaker Pro 11?

I am fairly new to building relationships so would appreciate simple terminology to help me understand the function.  Thanks for any help possible!