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Filtering a range of letter (A thru M) using portal and relationship.

Question asked by dmpjporter on Mar 5, 2010
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Filtering a range of letter (A thru M) using portal and relationship.


I've been working on this little homemade project now for a few months, and every day I get another whiz bang idea that usually leads to me staring at a screen full of scripts until my eyes hurt. I have been able to solve most of them on my own and others with the help from this forum, so I am going to try a life line again.


I have a detailed Client layout that shows every detail of a client and I was trying to think of the bext way to navigate the clients and decided to use a portal on the layout to select the clients from and have the details show up in the detailed layout. I have used this method now for a few areas of the project and it has worked great. Now, the good idea fairy has been hanging out at my house and said, "How about we put in a tabbed panel with say, 3 or 4 tabs, each with a letter range and have each portal in that panel how only that range."


Currently, I have a calculated field that only shows the left letter of the last name, I am trying to use an IF - Else if statement to figure out which tab has been pushed. I would like to use Set Field to insert a text range into the global field to show a range of records.


Any ideas?