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filtering a value list

Question asked by mgores on Apr 29, 2014
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filtering a value list


     I have a quote writing solution that uses a line item table.  I set up the quote form with a portal to line items for entering each line item on a quote. It is possible to have anywhere from one to a dozen or so line items per quote.  To help the users out I originally set the part type field in line items to autocomplete from past values.  Since we're now over 10,000 records in line items it is slowly things down now.  I had the idea to create a value list of past entries and filter it by a self join relationship in the quote that matches the user name so that everyone would only see those values that they have used in the past, not the values used by everyone.  That sped things up for all users except the most prolific quoter, also the company president, for whom it is now excruciatingly slow.  I tested it on several machines and it is not just a slow computer or network connection.

     Is there a way to speed that up?  Better to go back to the old way?  Need to archive the file and delete some records?