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    Filtering By >



      Filtering By >



      How would I filter by  <1.  My solution uses a Global field to sort by code and I would also like to sort by Inventory available ideally greater than 1.


      Thanks for help.


      I have relationships as

      CodePBpk X CodePBpk

      Gsearchfield x CodePBpk

      GsearchFieldQty ? InvAvailable


      PriceBook_e::gSearchField= Left (Inventory_Items_4select::Code_PB_pk; Length (PriceBook_e::gSearchField ) ) and IsEmpty ( Inventory_Items_4select::Price_Cs_LK )

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          Hmmm, well I think you mean >1 or maybe even >0.Wink Use >0 if you want all items with a quantity on hand of at least 1.

          You have several options and the details of each depend on your database.

          You, or a script, can enter find mode and use ">1" in your inventory total field to find all records with a value

          You might have a value list of ProductID's where it's a conditional value list limited only to those products that have available inventory.

          A portal might be used to list products with available inventory. If you use a portal, a portal filter or the relationship might be set up to limit the records shown to those on hand. If you use a relationship, the quantity on hand field needs to be a stored and indexed field--something that is often not the case with such a field as it may be summing up data in multiple records in another table.

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            I am using the last one with a portal however haven't been able to get the "InvAvailable to work"  the field is stored and indexed. What would the formula be after

            PriceBook_e::gSearchField= Left (Inventory_Items_4select::Code_PB_pk; Length (PriceBook_e::gSearchField ) )


            ???and or is >1  (PriceBook_e::gSearchFieldQty ) )

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              ... AND Inventory_Items_4select::InvAvailable > 0

              I am assuming you don't want to omit items with 1 item available.

              or maybe:

              ... AND Inventory_Items_4select::InvAvailable > PriceBook_e::gSearchFieldQty

              If you want the user to specfiy the minimum quantity on hand as part of the filter.