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Filtering data

Question asked by ShermanHoman on Aug 30, 2011
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Filtering data


Hey hive!

I need to filter the third octet of thousands of a company's IP addresses.

The third octet is all that is relevant. Each building has a router that assigns that octet.

I have been asked to show just that third octet on a FileMaker report.

So, the address range is always "111.222.333.444" where 111.222 is the company's IP pool, 333 is the building and 444 are the actual computers, printers, etc. We know all about 111.222 so we want to delete it. We know all about the individual devices but they aren't relevant (in this case!) We are only interested in the third octet.

I want the field to show just the third octet: 'building'. Eliminate the "123.456." and eliminate the individual address.

I have created the most unweildy mess of a calculation, it sort of works, but I would love a simpler process.