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Filtering out ASCII/Unicode NULL characters

Question asked by SeanRiser on Aug 20, 2010
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Filtering out ASCII/Unicode NULL characters


Whenever our users copy anything from the command prompt, the command prompt sends a string containing the selected area, a null character, and a newline character. The newline character isn't hard to remove, but I tried to filter out the null character with a custom function like:

Substitute(text; Char(0); "")

And nothing happens. I'm certain that the character is the null character, since I've examined the clipboard contents in another programming language (that doesn't use null-terminated strings) and saw the character.

Any ideas on how to filter this out?

EDIT: I should probably mention I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v2 on Windows.

Second EDIT: Working code for the impatient:

Case (  Length(text) = 0; "";
            Code(Left(text; 1)) = 0; "" & FilterNull(Right(text; Length(text)-1));
            Left(text; 1) & FilterNull(Right(text; Length(text)-1))