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    Filtering portal data



      Filtering portal data


           I have a database tracking students and their classes. I have each students classes showing up in a portal. I have a summary field totalling the units per semester. Classes are listed by section number. The issue is that some section numbers are duplicated in the portal because that section number has different meeting times. Each duplicate section number has the units for that class so what is happening is my summary field is including units twice for the same section number. The data for classes is coming from another source that I import into my database. Any ideas on how to filter out the duplicated units from my summary field?

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               You'll need to do one of the following:

               1) Remove the records with duplicated values from your table


               2) Modify the relationship to your portal in some way so that the dulicates are not related records

               3) modify the portal filter to exclude the duplicates

               With 3), you use a one row portal with the same filter and other properties but only one row and  place your summary field from the portal's table inside that portal row to display the appropriate total, count or other aggregate value. But this is only a "displayed" value, you can't use it in a calculation.