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    Filtering portal records



      Filtering portal records


           Hi there,

           I was wondering if any one could help me filter my portal. I have a portal displaying records from table A. showing customer names, this displays all names correctly. I wanted to filter out two of the same values, for explame the portal shows two portal rows for the customer named" bob". How would I do this via a script or portal filter to only show one "bob"

           Any help would be apperciated, thanks.

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               Make sure that your records also have an auto-entered serial number field. If you need to add such a field, use Replace Field Contents to give each of your existing records a serial number while you have a found set of all records in Unsorted order.

               Use a second occurrence of your portal's table and link it to the portal's table occurrence like this:

               PortalTO::NameField = PortalTO 2::NameField

               Use this as your portal filter expression:

               PortalTO::SerialNumber = Min ( PortalTO 2::SerialNumber )