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Filtering Portal Records in Real Time

Question asked by Atkins on Aug 16, 2013
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Filtering Portal Records in Real Time



     I'm attaching a screenshot of my layout because it will help you get a feel for what I'm trying to achieve.  At the top of this layout I have two drop-downs.  Both are global fields that are essentially variables, and contain the entire alphabet and all the numbers (per a defined value list).  Below this there is a portal linked to the table of records I'd like to view.

     Here's what I'm trying to achieve.  I'd love for the user to select the first letter of the model number (in the first drop-down) and the portal to filter and show only the records who's "Model" field starts with that letter.  The same for Manufacturer, although right now I'm just trying to get Model to work.

     Here's the script I'm using in the "Filter" specification box for the Portal:


          If ( ( Left ( Equipment Lookups::Model ; 1 ) = Temp::g_Alpha ) ; 1 ; 0 )

     I've tried essentially this same scipt using the Case command as well.  I've gotten some different results but nothing that's completely working or correct.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it possible for the portal to filter records in real-time, so that each time an option is selected it updates itself?  If it can't be done in the Portal, is it possible to do just using a script triggered 'On Modify'?

     I guess I envisioned this being a quick lookup function.  You select the first letter of the model name and the portal shows only the records that start with that letter.  You could then select the first letter of the manufacturer's name and the portal would constrain that filtered "found" set even further showing only the records that match both criteria.  If that second part isn't possible then I'd be ok with just the Model part working.

     Let me know what advice you have.  Thanks for the help!