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filtering portal using multiple words

Question asked by nihmbrisby on Jul 15, 2014
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filtering portal using multiple words


     I've been using the following calulcation (which I think I nabbed from the filemaker invoice starter) as my go to filter (though I'm using a non-global search field):

     IsEmpty ( TableA::non_global_search_field) ; 1 ; 
     PatternCount ( 
     List ( 
     TableB::LastName ) ; 
     TableA::non_global_search_field ) > 0
     If my search term is 2 or more words, it searches for that phrase (as one would expect).  'Jo mi' does not find John Smith.  However, I would like it to.  Furthermore I would like "Jo mi" to find John Smith AND Michelle Jones BUT NOT Joe Williams.  
     Any pointers?  I'll be trying to craft something of my own, but this is one of those things that community input usually serves to prevent me from using some super slow or error prone method.  Thanks.