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Filtering portal with date range

Question asked by PeterDowns on Aug 3, 2011
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Filtering portal with date range


I have a layout attached to a table tasks. Nested in it is a portal displaying all records of the table tasks via a 2ndary copy of the table through the relationships section called tasks 2.

I have 2 global fields called g_startDate and g_FinishDate in table tasks and a field called Date_Start in tasks which is when the task actually starts. 

I have set up a script "dateRangeTasks" containing - 
Go to Portal Row [Select; First]
Enter Find Mode []
Set Field [Tasks 2::Date_Start ≥ Tasks::g_StartDate]
Set Field [Tasks 2::Date_Start  ≤ Tasks::g_FinishDate] 
Perform Find[] 

On the main layout I have set up 2 drop down calendars displaying data from the 2 global date fields The script is triggered on "OnObjectSave" on both date fields. The portal contains the Date_Start field. Before the filtering the portal is showing all the tasks correctly.

When I select a date (either start or finish) I get an error message - "No records match this criteria". and I know there are valid records that fit into the date range.

Any ideas
thanks in advance