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    Filtering Records



      Filtering Records



           I've been scratching my head over this for a while. I have a 'Company' table which has a number of fields which rank the companies in different ways: Ranking (ABCD), Size, Who's Client, Status (Active, Inactive, Prospect etc), Type of business.

           I want to provide users with a simple way of filtering the companies using different combinations of the ranking systems.

           e.g display all Companies of Type: 'PR Company' with a Ranking of 'A' and a status of 'active'.

           This can be done using relationships,portals and portal filters but there is no flexibility if the user doesn't want to restrict the results to having a value in each of the ranking fields. What if they want to see all 'PR Companies' with a ranking of 'A' but want to see both 'Active' and 'Inactive in the results?


           Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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               It's possible to do with a sufficiently complex portal filter, but I think a scripted find that uses the values in some global fields where the user selects criteria for each of these rankings might be much simpler to set up. Script triggers are an option that can perform the script automatically when the user makes a new selection in one of these global fields.

               Here's a thread with a bunch of scripted find examples: Scripted Find Examples