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Filtering records for a report

Question asked by stolzy on Dec 13, 2011
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Filtering records for a report


I'm trying to do something I thought would be very easy, but seems not - maybe I misunderstand something.

I have a table of timesheet entries and need to make a quarterly report.  My problem is to filter the data which goes in the report by date.

I can do a find on '>1/07/11' for example and get the correct result.

Howver if I do the find '>1/07/2011' AND <30/10/2011'  (editing a saved search seems to be the only way to get an 'AND' into the search) the 'AND is ignored and the search is always an 'OR' search.  There is no indication in find mode of whether a multi-request search is 'AND' or 'OR'  - this seems od and makes me suspect I've misunderstood something.

How fo I then apply the filter terms from the find when I run the script to produce the report?