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Filtering records for printing

Question asked by willrollo on May 27, 2015
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Filtering records for printing



I have looked on the forum but cannot find the answer to this - I was hoping someone could help as it is probably straight forward.


I have a list of records that I want to print out - However, I want this list filtered and sorted. At the moment I use the omit option in find to filter out the records i want to print. I also use the sort function to show the most recent records at the top of the list (date due field, see below)


However, I also want to only print out records based on a date field. In other words, in my case, I want this sort of calc to filter the records: Date due=Get(current date)-14. Or, show only records that are due in 14 days time or sooner.

I tried creating a portal but this limits my find criteria. Or is that the only way?Thank you