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Filtering records in a portal

Question asked by RichardScales on Mar 26, 2013
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Filtering records in a portal


     I have an application whereby I would like to filter the records displayed in a portal to a finite number. This is so I can minimise web traffic as I would like to use this via IWP.

     Right now the main database has many records. Some of which are allocated to a user. The user can only see their records - this is limited by priviledge set. I can display a nice scrolling portal that will show say 300 records that have been allocated. However,when using IWP it means that the data for all 300 records has to be loaded each time the page is refreshed.

     I would like to limit the portal to say 20 records using a filter but I am struggeling to find out how I can do this. Effectively I would like to filter it so that I can choose which set of 20 records are displayed.

     I have tried using the get(recordnumber) but that seems to show the record number of the record in the main database and not the record number of the related record - by that I mean that if there were 66 related records I would like to find out how I reference numbers 1 to 66 - then I could filter it so that I only show records 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 etc. I would use some form of navigation that set a global field or variable to be referenced in the filter calculation.

     Am I approaching this the right way - and if so where am I failing?

     Or, is there a better, more eloquent method that I should be pursuing?