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    Filtering records in a portal



      Filtering records in a portal


      Can anyone please provide me with the correct syntax for filtering portal records in a training records portal to show only the records for the year 2014 as well as for a date range. Right now when I attempt to filter records using = 2014 or = */*/2014 or = 01/01/2014...12/31/2014 all my viewable records disappear? Any help would be great. Thank You.

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          Your attempted expressions work as find criteria, but do not work in calculations set up inside a Specify Calculation dialog

          2014 = Year ( PortalTable::DateField )

          works for the year

          GetAsDate ( "01/01/2014" ) < PortalTable::DateFIeld And GetAsDate ( "12/31/2014") > PortalTable::DateField

          works for a date range

          But I'd use a number field or a variable set to 2014 when specifying the year and I'd use 2 date fields or variables instead of explicitly quoted text" for a date range so that I don't have to redefine my portal filter expression every time I need to change what year or date range I want to use with the portal filter.

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            Thank you that worked great