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    Filtering records in a Tab Control (Beginner)



      Filtering records in a Tab Control (Beginner)


           Very very new to filemaker,
           I am trying to filter records in a tab control layout.

           I have 1 table with 3 fields (category, Name, description)

           category field has 4 records (Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 and Category 4)

           I created a Tab control with each of these categories, I would like each Tab to only show that specify category.
           but do not know how to filter the records, is this where I insert a portal, or are there other options?

           Thank you

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               Umm, but fields do not have records. Records have fields so I must assume that "category field has 4 records" means that your category field's value list has 4 values...

               Tab controls really only display data for a single record or contain portals to related tables that list multiple records in a portal to a related table.

               So if you have only one table, your basic set up has problems.

               You can set up 4 buttons--each that performs a find for a different category.

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                 Thanks for the response,

                 Yes, my terminology is off, intro to filemaker is going on a few days now. Yes Cat field has 4 values.
                 Can the find be preformed automatically?
                 hmmm, I better go back and do some of the tutorials, I am obviously getting ahead of myself here.

                 Thanks again


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                   Finds can be scripted. Here are some examples: Scripted Find Examples

                   But finds are not your only option. It depends on what you want to do with this layout. You could set up related tables and portals and each tab in your tab control can be a portal that shows a different category listed in the portal on that tab. Other options are also possible.