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Filtering records in Table view

Question asked by AlejoEscrivá on Feb 24, 2014
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Filtering records in Table view


     Hi to everyone!

     Im quite new in FileMaker, awesome soft.

     I have a list view that shows records from "Purchases" table, each one with its details and picture that`ll be used to make a custom product. Each Order (or Purchase) has its own status coming from a value list I created, showing values from a table called STATUS.  Id like to filter these orders by status. Basically Id like to pull from a value list placed on the header whichever status Id like to filter all records so if i want to see only Orders with status "in process" or "delivered" i just need to choose from this value list.
     And it would be really handy also having a new layout only showing records from same "Purchases" table with status "delivered".

     Thanks a lot.