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    Filtering results in a portal



      Filtering results in a portal


           I am looking to put just the "buyers" (contact type) information in a portal on the Listings layout.  I am having a little issue getting it to work and I am sure I am trying to do something the wrong way.  I attached a quick visual of the needed info of my erd.  the join tables, i am sure you can already figure out, are colored yellow. 

           What table to a base my portal off?  I am sure this is silly and I am just having brain issue from staring at this computer to long. help is appreciated.  thank you. 

           (then when I filter can I just select the filter option and click on the contact type field from the contact table and put ="buyer"?

           i.e. ContactType::ContactType = "Buyer"

           or do i need to do this with a table occurrence?



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               Is a "buyer" contact any contact in the table linked to the "buyer" contact type record?

               or is a "buyer" a contact of that type that is also linked to a listed Property? (is it anyone that's looking at property or just those that are interested in buying a specific property?)

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                 Ultimately - the portals are going to show a different section for buyers (those buying the property), sellers (those selling the property), lender (consultant lending the money), inspector (professional inspecting the property), etc...   The contact is not directly linked to the listing (which is what the table layout is based on) the property is linked to the listing and the contact is linked to the property.  The contact type is linked to the contact through the contact/contacttype join table.  

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                   those buying the property is the key detail that I was looking for. You want a list of buyers linked to a specific property.

                   If you place a portal to the property to contacts join table on your listing layout, you will get a list of all contacts linked to a given property.

                   You can then add a portal filter expression such as:

                   Not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List ( jn_ContactType_Contacts::_fkContactTypeID ) ; "Put contact type for "Buyer" value here" ) )

                   But I'm not confident that this is the correct set of relationships to use. A Contact might be a "seller" in one context and a "buyer" in another, and the difference will be the property record in question so I would link the contact type data to the join table between property and contact. Otherwise, a contact might appear as a "buyer" because they are linked to the current property but are buying a different property than the property to which the listing record is linked.

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                     You are exactly right. 

                     I was working on this last night and ran into that exact problem.  The seller of this property is more than likely a buyer of another property... so they appear in both buyer and seller portals.

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                       here is my solution I am thinking of.

                       Populating the jointable with a buyer/seller/lender/inspector etc... field.  then I can use that as to store information specific to that transaction - then still having a separate field for the same information in the contacts list.  but rather than making that buyer or seller specific they will just be labeled as clients.. or something to that effect.  specific I will 

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                         scratch that. 

                         That then brings me to the problem of how to represent the realtor if they are representing both the buyer and the seller.  I am gong to put a field in for TransactionSide with the options of buyer, seller, or dual.  Then I can filter the portal with that, then the client type... I think