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Filtering results in a portal

Question asked by abunce515 on Jun 20, 2014
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Filtering results in a portal


     I am looking to put just the "buyers" (contact type) information in a portal on the Listings layout.  I am having a little issue getting it to work and I am sure I am trying to do something the wrong way.  I attached a quick visual of the needed info of my erd.  the join tables, i am sure you can already figure out, are colored yellow. 

     What table to a base my portal off?  I am sure this is silly and I am just having brain issue from staring at this computer to long. help is appreciated.  thank you. 

     (then when I filter can I just select the filter option and click on the contact type field from the contact table and put ="buyer"?

     i.e. ContactType::ContactType = "Buyer"

     or do i need to do this with a table occurrence?