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Filtering results in a portal by a field.

Question asked by Sketter on Dec 23, 2013
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Filtering results in a portal by a field.



     So have two tables, Tickets and Houses with a relationship of Houses:HouseID=Tickets:F_Houses

     I have a layout using Table:Houses with a portal for Tickets. Each Ticket record has fields Resolved and Flag as their own checkbox (in hindsight I could have consolidated the two, but i did this so I could keep track of what has been a flagged ticket after it has been resolved).

     So I'm trying to filter out the portal based on the criteria of those two fields.

     So I thought this would have to be done by relationships and this is what I came up with but isn't working.

     Houses:M_filter (value list of All,Resolved, Flag)
     Tickets:K_Cal   calculation    Case ( Houses::M_filter="All" ; All; Houses::M_Filter="Resolved";Resolved;Houses::M_Filter="Flag";Flag ) 

     AND M_filter=K_Cal

     So am I even in the same ball park here?

     If anyone can help that would be great.