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Filtering Sales By Salesperson

Question asked by mgxdigital on Apr 8, 2009
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Filtering Sales By Salesperson


I have 5 fields.

One is called "Billed Total" and it is in a db called "Packing Slips"


4 are in a db called "Customers" and  they are our salespeople






These 2 databases are related through a common feild of "Company" and according to what salesperson is assigned to the company, the salesperson's name shows up on the invoice.


The Billed Total does not have anything to do with the salesperson, it is just a calculation based on how much product shipped out x the price per unit.


I've set up calculations before that shows our sales per week and per month, but is it possible to show an indidual salesperons sales per day, week, month through a calcualtion?