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Filtering sorts problem

Question asked by imgaryshap on Nov 21, 2009
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Filtering sorts problem


I'm using FMP 8 on a MAC.


I've used the Find command in a script to filter my records by Field B.   So Field B="Text 1" and Field B="Text 2."


I've then ran a summary report using Field A.


So it looks something like this:


Field A

     Record 1 - Text 1

     Record 2 - Text 1

     Record 3 - Text 2


is there a way to - for lack of a better word - "trick" the sort?


Field A and Field C contain identical value sets.


I'm wondering if there's a way to say If when sorting by Field A, Field B="Text 2", bypass Field A and use the value in Field C?


I have a development report for projects.


Field A = possible networks to pitch to.  this is set up as a portal to another table, so that I can select multiple networks.  (i.e., "This project is right for ABC, CBS, and NBC.")


Field B contains a value set of various stages of the project.  


When I run a development report - I first filter Field B to include only two values, "Development" and "Pitched", and then sort the records that fall within this criteria under Field A.


So my reports list records multiple times pending on the network, but here's what I'm getting:



Project 1 - Development

Project 2 - Development

Project 3 - Pitched



Project 1 -Development

Project 2 - Development



Project 4 - Development

Project 1 -Development



Project 1 - Pitched


Instead of blank for the pitch, I'm trying to figure out if Field B="Pitched" to use the value from Field C (where the project was pitched) - instead of the value from Field A.



Field C = a value set containing all the networks as well (much like Field B), except it refers to an actual place a project was pitched.


make sense?


any hope of this?