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Filtering summary report body part

Question asked by SarahCW on Mar 31, 2012
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Filtering summary report body part



I wonder if anyone can help me with a conundrum. I'm trying to set up a report based on one table of information - a client call database - to see the number of calls made, follow-up calls and appointments made. I have a value list attached to a dropdown in the original input layout, so these can be easily filtered (with values of 'initial call', 'follow up call' and 'appointment made'). When I create a summary report using this information, I get a number of records (using a summary field in the table with a 'count of' calculation) in the sub summary part and a full list of all the companies called etc, (field 'company') in the body part.

Now the crux of my condundrum is this: How do I filter this so that I still get the number of records from the summary field in the sub summary part, but only show the company names of those with the 'appointment made' value?

I've also tried adding a portal to show related records from an appointments table, but this doesnt seem to work.

I'm using FM Pro 11.

Any help would be gratefully received!